Our Eco-Friendly Promise

We are as passionate about our products as we are about the environment, so we try to replicate our sustainability and philanthropic efforts into everything we do. This includes:

  1. Environment Friendly Campaigns
    We never mail unsolicited advertisements. We avoid printing unless we have to. Any informational or instructional cards are printed as small as possible and on completely recyclable paper. We also have our own worm farm to help compost our food and paper waste.
  2. A Focus on the materials we use
    We try to our best to utilize re-used materials in our shipping or packaging. (Such as reused bubble wrap or paper padding). When it’s not feasible or sanitary to utilize re-used materials we try to only select materials and packaging that is 100% Recyclable or re-usable
  3. Giving back
    We commit to support causes that give back to the Earth and the community. This includes volunteering our spare time to charities near and dear to our hear, Donating excess and soon to expire products, and financially supporting charities.

To that end, if you have any suggestions for improvement, or know a charitable cause you’d like to see us support, let us know.

Some of things we do and charities we support:

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Uncle Jim's Logo
We have our own worm farm!
To start your own, Visit :
Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm

Consider Donating to the San Antonio Zoo!
Camp Bluebird Cancer Survivor Camp