CO2 Bottle Adapter Holder




This is a Fake CO2 Bottle to fit an adapter for most common Seltzer/Soda Makers. Some machines require a physical 60l bottle to be inserted in order to work such as the Glacier Fresh Carbonator. This bottle adapter holder is only half the height of a typical 60l CO2 bottle to allow room for the hose to be navigated out of the machine. It is long enough to reach past the tabs that hold the bottle in place.

Purchasing this will enable you utilize this adapter to hook up to a larger external CO2 bottle to get cheaper CO2, or be able to run longer periods of time without needing to swap bottles.

Note: This item is ONLY for the 3D printed bottle part of the setup, you will need to purchase This Adapter separately, as well as any CO2 bottle and carbonation machine you wish to use with it.

To install, disconnect the Hex TR21-4 head, thread the hose through the bottom of the bottle adapter holder, reattach the TR21-4, then push the TR21-4 head back into the crevice at the top of the bottle adapter holder. Finally screw it into the machine and connect the hose.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in


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